Palai diocese to aid families with more children

Light of Truth

A diocese in Kerala has come up with a welfare scheme to help families with five or more children.
The initiative of Palai diocese’s Family Apostolate seeks to offer a monthly financial assistance of 1,500 rupees to couples who are married after the year 2000 and have five or more children.
Women deliver their fourth children onward are entitled for free delivery care at a hospital run by the Church. Children born as the fourth or subsequently in a family will get scholarships to study in Church-managed engineering college. The scheme, announced as part of the year of the family celebrations by the Syro Malabar Church, is now going viral in the social media and has evoked mixed reactions from the public.
Confirming its authenticity, Father Joseph Kuttiankal, director of the Family Apostolate, said the scheme was planned as an assistance to the large families, especially in the post Covid-19 scenario.

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