New Sri Lankan president must unite nation, says Caritas

Light of truth

Caritas  Sri Lanka has stressed the need for only candidates committed to restoring national unity to stand for the presidency next month. The charity-linked Catholic National Commission for Justice, Peace and Human Development said it had studied various aspects of the current political scene, plus a range of social and economic issues faced by the people.

The commission wants to see the introduction of an action plan to combat ethnic and religious conflicts as well as concerns about missing people and enforced disappearances.

“Draft a new constitution in consultation with all stakeholders in order to ensure devolution of power and to fulfil the aspirations of all communities,” urged the Catholic charity, which is also the national secretariat of the Justice, Peace and Human Development Commission of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

“Establish an independent judiciary supported by a culture of justice and transparency,” it continued, “and introduce good governance in all state and private institutions, with proper monitoring mechanisms, and restore law and order in the country.”

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