Light of Truth

A groundbreaking study strongly linking Muslim religiosity to prejudice and hostility towards the West is “distressing,” a Kuwaiti researcher who spe-cializes in the psychology of religion has revealed. Dr Bashar Albaghli, who studied Muslims from 17 Arab countries between 18–70 years of age, says he expected to find a link between Islamic fundamentalism and West hatred, but was shocked to dis-cover “even intrinsic (moderate) Muslim religiosity” strongly predicting prejudice towards the West.
“In fact, the only groups that had favourable attitudes toward the West were the secular and nonreligious Arabs,” Albaghli, a behavioural psychologist at the prestigious University of St Andrews, Scotland, explained on the Jihad Watch website.
Albaghli revealed that he was also “quite surprised by the response of many Western universities that were hesitant to invest in this research” titled “The Link between Muslim Religiosity and Negative Attitudes toward the West: An Arab Study” and published by The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion.

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