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Q: The people of Kerala have displayed rare generosity and sense of community during the disastrous flood. How do you explain this, considering that we were thought of as a divided people?

A: In the whole of Kerala, irrespective of religious and political differences, people rallied together to face this tragic situation. That is what we admire. Whenever there is crisis, it is natural for human beings to sink their differences and join hands to come out of it. This has been our experience every time we encountered a crisis. We are right now in the midst of Onam celebration, which is actually a celebration of generosity and sharing of good feeling. We find that happening everywhere. We have made sure that nobody will go hungry. Onam meal was served to all the affected people. When a tragedy strikes, it generates generosity, because everyone becomes aware of the value of life and also becomes conscious of the need for others. We suddenly realize we are not safe without them.

Bp Mathew Arackal

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