How do you perceive the Election Results?

1. What does this mean for India for the next five years and on?
The people of India have democratically elected a government of their choice. We as law abiding citizens are obliged to respect the mandate and extend full support to the elected government to deliver as promised in its election manifesto. I hope, now that, it has got a thumping majority it will not falter as it did in last five years. I do not think there will be much difference in the approach of governance. In fact, they have got more time to complete their incomplete agenda.

There is one difference approach I feel they may adopt this time. That is to win over the confidence of minorities, who are otherwise living in fear of Hindutva agenda. In this government we may see more Christian and Muslim ministers unlike in their first five years of rule.

I also hope, new government will focus on pro-people policy rather than economic policy. When I say pro-people policy, I mean we should first be concerned about the life and career of people of India than economic growth of corporate world.

2. How does this result affect/impact the religious minorities, particularly Christians?
I do not think there will be much difference in their approach towards minorities. As we know their priority is to first address the concerns of majority then attend to the needs of minorities. In the list of priorities, we may be placed later but we will still be their list.

Christians will be continued to be viewed as the masters of convertors, despite of census figure remaining stagnant since independence. But it does not mean we Christian will stop practicing our faith as guaranteed in Constitution of India.

3. How do you perceive this results?
I believe in democracy. Democracy is thriving in our country. This is not some kind of coup. All political parties had equal footage to convince people and win over their confidence. BJP has successfully done it. Others have failed to win the confidence of the people. The political parties have only one job. That is to contest elections and win them too. If you are unable to do so repeatedly then it is better to leave that space for someone else to occupy.

A.C. Michael
(Former Member of Delhi Minorities Commission and
a Christian Leader of India)