An unknown Christ in Hinduism

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Question: In the latest en-cyclical of Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti, there is an innovative doctrine on the teaching on other religions. The Pope says, “God works in all religions,” which is some-thing new. It is a step ahead of the teaching of the Second Vatican Council on the subject. How do you see it in the Indian context? Raymond Panicker once said there is an unknown Christ in Hinduism; do you agree with that?

Answer: There is revelation also in other religions. God is so vast and incomprehensible that there is no way that one religion can contain the Omni-science and Omnipotence of God completely. We can intervene in many worldly things, but we are unspeakable in front of the Mysterium Tremendum. No human thought is eligible to describe the infinite nature of God. In other religions, they don’t know Christ as we know Him. But God reveals Himself in different ways through the Holy Spirit. As Raymond Panicker said, Christ is the unknown in every religion. The Holy Spirit is active and is revealing the truth contained in all the religions. And He reveals the unknown Christ to them.

Bp Stephen Rotluanga

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