Focus (July 2019)

Light of truth

Q: A CBI enquiry has been ordered into ten years of foreign money received by three of Mother Theresa’s congregations, the Contemplatives, Missionary Sisters of Charity and Congregation of the Brothers. It comes from Jharkhand. This is done on the presumption that the money is going to conversion work. Isn’t this harassment?

A: “It is totally unexpected. These congregations are doing wonderful service to humanity, especially to the destitute, aged, physically challenged, mentally retarded and the most neglected citizens of this country. They are treating them with dignity and respect, which needs to be recognized. Instead, they are being harassed and persecuted now. It is born out of prejudice against the dedicated work they do. You must see their simple lifestyle, dedicated work and love for the poor, which few in India can match. People should go and see their work and get converted to love and respect of the poor. They are citizens of this country. They are lying around in the bus stands, railway stations and in the streets and have been picked up and taken care of. Most of the fanatics who oppose them have not stepped into Mother Theresa’s convents and monasteries to see what is happening there. If they do, they will come out in tears, impressed by their work. I have seen officers going to them, looking at their service, and coming back in tears. They are deeply moved by what the Sisters and Brothers are doing. Let God bless them and open their eyes.”

Bp Henry D’Souza

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