Light of truth

Q: : How bright is the New Year for you? Is it true that you were denied vote in the recent elections?

A: : Yes, I could not vote because my name was not there in the voters’ list. They explained that they may have overlooked certain names in the process of rectifying the list. Some feel that people belonging to a particular community were eliminated, but that hasn’t yet been verified. But it had become big news, especially in my case, and so we can expect them to be extra careful the next time around. In a way, God brings good out of the evil as well. We are still hopeful, because we are Christians; Christians should always be hopeful. 2019 is a very important year, especially for India. We hope responsible people who will work for progress, peace and harmony in the country will be elected in the upcoming elections to the parliament. Today we need people’s representatives who will ensure that every citizen, every religion and everyone’s freedom of worship is respected. What we call is unity in diversity. When we grow in unity, the Lord will be glorified and praised through every religion.

Abp Leo Cornelio

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