Young Bangladeshi Catholics told to turn off phones

Light of truth

In a Lenten message to young Catholics in Bangladesh, Cardinal Patrick D’Rozario of Dhaka called on them to get closer to Jesus Christ and to refrain from using their mobile phones on every Friday leading to Easter Sunday. “My dear young people, during this Lent I appeal to you for a unique sacrifice. I request you to abstain from using mobile phones from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. every Friday starting from Ash Wednesday. During this time, you can try to strengthen your relationship with each other and with Jesus Christ,” Cardinal D’Rozario said.

His message resonates with Pope Francis’ call to young Bangladeshis during his visit to the nation in 2017. The cardinal reiterated his appeal during his homily at the Ash Wednesday Mass at Holy Rosary Catholic Church in central Dhaka on March 6 where he was the main celebrant.

“I know, my dear young friends, you love your mobile phone, but it should not be more than your love for each other and for Jesus Christ who saved mankind from sins,” he told more than 3,000 faithful.

“There is a madness in today’s world — we need to grab everything on our way. But remember we came with nothing and nothing will go with us. Only our good deeds will remain, so let’s do good to others as much as we can.”

“I take the cardinal’s message positively, I have serious doubts whether young people, who are seriously addicted to their smartphones, will pay heed to his call. I think the prelate could have asked them to reduce mobile phone use every day,” William Nokrek, a Garo Catholic and former president of Bangladesh Catholic Students’ Movement.

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