Thousands March in Support of Nicaraguan Bishops

Light of truth

The streets of Nicaragua were filled July 28 by thousands of demonstrators supporting the country’s bishops and priests after repeated attacks by para-militaries with ties to the government.

The march was organized by the “Outcry for Nicaragua” movement and the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy. Its theme was “Pilgrimage for Our bishops, Defenders of Truth and Justice.” The Nicaraguan Bishops’ Conference did not participate in the event.

The march, which concluded at the Managua cathedral, took place after President Daniel Ortega accused the bishops of being “part of the plan with those plotting a coup,” after they proposed that he hold early presidential elections to alleviate tensions in the country and not run for office again.

Participants in the demonstration carried banners with phrases such as “Thank you, courageous bishops, for being with your people” and “The bishops, heroes of pea-ce.” They chanted, “Bishop, friend, the people are with you.”

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