Polls Show Faith Is Getting Americans Through The Coronavirus Crisis

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Two separate polls show that Americans are relying more on their faith to help persevere through the coronavirus pandemic.

The Pew Research Centre, in a survey released on April 30, showed that nearly one-fourth of all Americans say their faith has grown stronger during the pandemic, while only 2 percent said it had grown weaker.

Catholics, according to Pew, are very much in line with the overall survey results. Among Catholic respondents, 27% said their faith had grown stronger with 2 percent saying it had gotten weaker. In addition, 63% said their faith had not changed much at all, and another 7% said the question was not applicable because “I am not a religious person and this hasn’t changed.”

A poll by Fordham University released on April 28 showed that Americans are being helped by their religious or spiritual faith during the pandemic, and the more often they go to church, the more they feel it has helped.

For those who go to church regularly, 68% said they have been “helped a lot,” and another 22% said they have been “helped somewhat.”

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