We are Still In The Infantile Age of Religion

I completely agree with you in regards to our Catholic practices as mention by you in your letter which I quote highlighted in yellow, I have added my comments in blue fonts.

“I am inclined to believe that the Roman Catholic devotion to the saints expresses our deep-rooted religious past, our need for a host of superhuman protectors, of heavenly relatives. Though theologians may have clear cut distinctions, on the popular level it is a return to polytheism. After the ‘conversion’ of Constantine, large number of people embraced Christianity, as it had become the state religion. They brought with them some of their deeply entrenched religious beliefs and practices (Novenas are nothing but christianisation of Hindu Navratra celebrations). The persistence of polytheism is a sign that even though we are ‘professionally’ educated, we are still in the infantile age as far as religion is concerned. For most of us, priests and bishops, the study of theology too was a ‘professional’ requirement. It did not help us to grow. My perception is that the Roman Catholic laity is the most infantile community of Christians. (and so is the clergy which is drawn out from the laity otherwise ) adult parents want their children to become adults. I am sad to say, but once again I could be mistaken. They resist enlightenment for themselves and for their people.”

Victor Borde