Good works

Once while a priest was giving a speech in the altar a person stood up and asked a question, ‘if a person does good deeds but does not believe in god will he go to heaven?’ This made the priest very confused. The priest said that I will give the answer to your question in the next week. During the whole week the priest read all the holy books the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, the Guru Granth Sahib in a quest to find the answer to the question. But he was unable to find an appropriate answer to this question. At last that Sunday came when the priest had to give an answer to that person’s question. After entering the church the priest sat near the altar on a chair and started thinking about it once again, slowly his eyes got closed and he fell into sleep. While he was asleep he saw a dream, in which he saw that ‘he was travelling with some strangers in a car he asked the driver that where were they going, the driver answered that we are going to hell. After sometime the car stopped and all stepped out and he saw a board written welcome to hell after reading it when the priest saw the whole place he was amazed to see that the place was just like a paradise, flowers were blossoming, the birds were taking their flight in a very mesmerizing manner, the air was very fresh and the atmosphere very peaceful. Then the priest when to a counter and asked the beautiful lady to confirm ‘whether this was heaven or hell?’ The receptionist replied that this is Hell, hearing this he asked that we all had a different perception about hell where there is suffering and pain everywhere but here it is not as we imagined. The receptionist gladly replied that this place was similar to what you thought till a few years back when the great Socrates, Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira came here who were an atheist. With their works and teachings they made this hell better than heaven.’ After this dream the priest suddenly woke up and saw the people gathered in front of the sanctuary he slowly went to the altar and interpreted the dream he saw and said that good deeds decides a man’s personality and it can make hell equivalent to heaven. When we do good to others then gradually a feeling of satisfaction and happiness comes within us and unknowingly brings us closer to God.

Jinta Jaimon XI
Kaipuzha, Kottayam