Faith versus Religious Beliefs

All religions including Christianity, interpret age old religious beliefs and traditions on par with faith. This is the sad unfortunate and faithless situation existing in our religions. Faith is a pure gift of God, whereas religious beliefs and traditions are invented and created by the Holy men and religious leaders to love and live in faith in our daily living. Therefore, faith is a fearless search for the truth i.e. God.

Unless the age old religious beliefs and traditions advocate liberty, equality, fraternity among people irrespective of caste, class, creed and gender as enshrined in our Indian constitution, how can they help us to live in faith? When the Supreme Court interprets religious beliefs to fall in line with our constitutional equality, the religious leaders including their devotees bluntly oppose the same. It is clear indication that so called Holy men, religious leaders including their devotees are neither interested in faith nor bothered about God.

Are our Christian Catholic people convinced that Jesus Christ the universal saviour of human kind came to establish a society of liberty, equality and fraternity filled with compassion and unconditional love for our fellow human beings in this world through the instrumentality of the Holy Mother Church?

Canute Barboza, St Antony Church, Kandlur