God my Mother, Father, Spouse, Brother and Friend, I praise and thank you for the gift of Life and this New Day. Your blessings are manifold in my life. With you at my side, I know that even the greatest obstacle can be overcome today. Help me to live in the present moment, using every iota of my time, energy, talents and being in helping you co-create your kingdom here on earth. Give me the wisdom to be self-disciplined, focused and to work with passion and zeal for your people. Bless me with ample common sense to take care of my Body-the temple of Your Holy Spirit. May I eat a balanced diet, exercise and sleep enough, so that I am recharged with enthusiasm, zeal and inner strength, to be able to do Your Holy Will.

God my Mother, nourish me with sustenance today. Abba Father, protect me from all dangers. Jesus my Spouse, be with me in every crisis and struggle. God my friend, help me to encounter you tangibly through the umpteen loyal friends you have planned to put into my life today.

May your Word become flesh in me and provide me with ample resources to challenge myself and others to come closer to you. Give me the stamina and grace to accept the struggles, rejections, indifferences and negativity of today, cheerfully and with a smile. Help me to introspect and ask myself, “Am I on the right path? Is there a better way of spending my life in Your honour? Am I faithful to my personal vision, goal, policies and priorities of life? Have I kept my promises made to God and to people? What are the things I need to let go of today? What can I do to remain fully human and fully alive? If I die today, what legacy do I want to leave behind? Am I willing to change myself despite adversities, frustrations and injustices that may come my way today?” Merciful God, forgive me my sins, for not utilizing my time and talents to the maximum, for losing control over my emotions, for gossiping and bad mouthing others and especially for having failed to recognize you in people and in situations. Help me to humbly ask forgiveness of those I have hurt and to forgive and forget all the harms done to me.

Bless me with an inclusive spirituality, accepting, appreciating, promoting and celebrating differences in all castes, creeds, races, cultures and nationalities. Bless me, my community, and my congregation, my family, my teachers, my co-workers, relatives, friends, Holy Mother Church and most of all my enemies. Bless also the poor, the sick, the lonely, the humble and the voiceless. May peace reign on all your creatures, especially Mother Earth.

Dr (Sr) Mudita Sodder RSCJ