Kolkata priest joins BJP, Bengal Christians shocked

Light of Truth

Father Rodney Borneo, a popular priest of Calcutta arch-diocese, on March 9 joined the Bharatiya Janata Party that heads the federal coalition government, according to a video clip circula-ting in social media platforms.
The video shows Father Borneo coming to a stage where he is given the BJP flag and asked to chant, “Bharat Mata ki jai” (victory to mother India).
The news of a Catholic priest joining the BJP, the political arm of the Hindu nationalists, has sent shock waves among Catholics in West Bengal. The eastern Indian state is all set to elect its legislative assembly through an eight-phased poll starting March 27.
Given below is the reflection of Father Francis Sunil Rosario, a senior priest of the archdiocese of Calcutta, on Father Borneo’s decision.
A competent priest is lost to Calcutta archdiocese
Who should be blamed for the loss of a very competent and promising priest, for whom thirty pieces of silver was more preferable, than to stick to priesthood.
Rodney trained in psychology and counseling, who was a gold medalist in 2016 from Guwahati University, was unable to cope with the pressures and some of the inconveniences created for him to function as the principal of Loyola School, Kidderpore. This is certainly not an isolated case in the ministerial priesthood. There could be others who try hard to survive despite many hardships, inaction and such administrative ‘silence’ and pressures. It could be taken as a case study to understand the issue at a deeper level and thus helping the younger clergy through supervision, counseling and guidance.

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