Ideological dogmatism posing “danger” to scientific temper: Christian philosophers

Light of truth

The current trends of ideo-logical dogmatism are posing “danger” to India’s scientific temper, said the Association of Christian Philosophers of India (ACPI).

“India’s contribution to science has been immense. There has been a scientific temper down the ages, which is in danger of being diluted by current trends of ideological dogmatism, whereby the distinction between fact and fiction, history and mythology are blurred,” an ACPI statement said.

“Indigenous sciences and democratized applications of the same need to be encouraged. The spirit of a healthy scientific tem-per needs to be protected from vested corporate interests and the dysfunctional influences of caste, gender, class and religion,” the statement read.

The press statement was issued at the end of the 44th annual research seminar of the ACPI at the St Joseph Vaz Spiritual Renewal Centre in Old Goa, on Oct. 23 to 25. As many as 87 participants attended it.

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