Eight Christians assaulted in Odisha

Light of Truth

A group of Christians was brutally attacked by a gang of religious goons at midnight on July 21. The attack took place in the eastern Indian State of Odisha in a village named Badaguda in Koraput district.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Ayuba Khora, the local Pastor said, “The goons broke into the home of 75-year-old Chachiri Muduli, who was housing around 7 odd Chris-tians after their homes had been broken down earlier this year by the same fanatics. The goons not only mercilessly beat the Christians up but also destroy-ed the house.”

He further added, “Eight Christians in all were admitted to the local government hospi-tal with severe injuries, of which the elderly Chachiri had the worst wounds.”

Ayuba told Persecution Relief that he had been running a house church at the Badaguda village for the past two years. Around 40 Christians used to gather to pray every Friday. Since then, the villagers have been harassing and beating up the believers saying, “When you pray, our gods leave us, so you have to stop praying here or you must leave this village.”

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