The Risks of Racist Religiosity

Light of truth

Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke wrote a book called “Black sun Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity.” The religious and mythic elements of German National Socialism often resemble a cult in power. The pageantry of the Nazi rallies and their quasi-liturgical nature were matched by the extraordinary fervour of the huge crowds in attendance. Most participants were caught up in an intense atmosphere of collective excitement and self-surrender. Huge congregations, banners, sacred flames, processions, a style of popular and radical preaching, prayers and responses, memorials and funeral marches were all essential props for the cult of race and nation, the mission of Aryan Germany and victory over her enemies. The messianic figure of Adolf Hitler, the saviour of Germany, towered over the entire project. Nazi anti-Semitism was rooted in this apocalyptic demonology, which blamed the Jews for all ills, including liberalism, communism, the corruption of morals, and the downfall of a traditional world. The notion of national regeneration was also presented in an apocalyptic spirit: only the destruction of the Jews could guarantee the salvation of Germany in a racially pure millennium. The occult notions of racial superiority combined with anti-Semitism and millenarian myths of national regeneration to find ultimate expression in the ideology of the National Socialist movement. Today we fail to realize that the socio-cultural situation is ripe for such a fundamentalist upsurge. Multicultural societies face a similar challenge today. Here the Jews are regarded as the architects of a multiracial world order, which supposedly dissolves all nations, traditions and loyalties, before the final accomplishment of Jewish world conquest. Today in place of Jews we can see minorities in any majoritarian social context branded and enemies and reason of all calamities. The survival of anti-Semitism in a modern racist discourse is predominantly concerned with opposition to ethnic groups highlights the enduring demonology of Nazism. Like Gnostics cut off from the transcendent deity in a benighted world, American and British neo-Nazis claim that Hitler and Nazism offer the only hope of racial survival to white nations populated with growing ethnic minorities. The rise of a new popular movement must therefore give us serious pause. Who knows what sort of politics and societies will emerge by the years 2030–50 from the growing sense of white marginalization?

A rigid self-righteousness leads down into the spiritual basement of a primitive dualism, where pseudo-salvation depends on the elimination of the Other. The political projection of religious Manichaeism onto human differences inevitably leads to strife and violence. American Neo-Nazi political program was firmly grounded in a policy of “white survival” which aimed at the wholesale repatriation of all American Negroes to Africa and at the extermination of the Jews, whom were regarded as the architects of racial desegregation, national decline and cultural degeneracy. Rockwell founded his American Nazi Party in 1959 had said “The only communist party in the Middle East is in Israel.” This American after reading Mein Kampf wrote, “I realized that National Socialism, the iconoclastic world view of Adolf Hitler, was the doctrine of scientific racial idealism—actually a new religion.”

Goodrick Clarke was converted to the religion of National Socialism. In later years he would write that “future generations will look upon Adolf Hitler as the White Saviour of the twentieth century.” Savitri Devi, the French born Nazi-Hindu prophetess, described Hitler as an avatar of Vishnu and likened Nazism to the cult of Shiva with its emphasis on destruction and new creation. Adopting the Hindu cycle of the ages, she claimed mankind is living in the Kali Yuga, which can only be ended by regenerative violence, war and genocide. She had worked for a broad Aryan racial revival beyond the limits of German nationalism. His swastika was intended to represent “the mission of the struggle for the victory of Aryan man” and a New Order of racial blood-brotherhood. There is overwhelming cultural pessimism which is mobilized to indict the modern world as the last gasp of an old order following as an ideology of fundamentalism. It attacks all that we today cherish.

“They altered the national demography and introduced us to integration, busing, Affirmative Action, minority quotas, sensitivity training, Black History and—the Holocaust. They gave us permissiveness, drugs, MTV and teen-suicide. They gave us safe sex and unsafe streets and gun control. They gave us rock ‘n roll and rape-counseling centres. They gave us ‘alternative lifestyles,’ sodomy, AIDS, filth, perversion, chaos, crime, corruption, dumbing down and insanity of every kind.” Time is ripe for a turn which is very dangerous both for religion and for politics.

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