Youth dream of an updating Church

Light of truth

Ms. Dhanusha Mary

This world and the life in it is in the wake of swift transformations. We must be able to touch and feel the change happening around us. Be it education, fashion, technology, human life; every known phenomenon is subjected to this transition. Change is a characteristic feature of presence of life. Growth has always taken place only in a society which has always dared to welcome changes. Every established institution should undergo this recurring phase of uncertainty and consequent ‘new’-ness in its time of existence. Care should be taken only in the fact of making it a desirable one.

In this constantly transforming world an updating is very much wanting from the part of the Holy Church too; at least in dealing with the youth. In her attempt to do this maybe she has to renounce her crown and sceptre of power and position and join hands to with her young boys and girls. The shepherd of our Holy Church, Pope Francis, is well versed with the skill of persuading young people, attracting and uniting them in the name of the all-time Good Shepherd. This great example set by him globally is a fact that is to be accepted and implemented in the root levels of our churches. We have to realize that by doing this we are finding a healthy solution to a grave threat of losing our youth.

The young minds of this hectic and uncontrollably changing world, who are keenly observing every minute modifications taking place, are always restive. It is of no use in trying to impose the Church’s conventional teachings on them, insisting on merely obeying and following certain notions which no one has tried to negotiate ever since the establishment of the Holy Church. In their unquenched thirst and struggle for establishing themselves, every youth indulge in a varied range of activities where they could find a place of their own. But the sad part in this is that the majority of them are reluctant to come forward in the forefront of the domains of the Church. Though we would conveniently blame this trend as their lack of faith, the truth is that they don’t wish to contribute to the Church which has not widened its arms to embrace their evolving perspectives. Pope Francis exhorts the pastoral community to be in tune with the youth in all the aspects. We, being the inevitable part of Christ’s Holy Church, are entrusted with the responsibility of keeping our youth intact and should possess the gravity of pulling them towards Christ and his teachings. So, let us save new wineskins for their new wines.

Every human life is a precious gift from God. We all are blessed with uncountable gifts through which we ought to proclaim His glory. The beautiful season of youth in everyone’s life should be utilized well to know and identify His will and work for bringing His kingdom on earth.

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