why profiling Christian religious leaders

Light of Truth

QUESTION: The government agencies are profiling Christian religious leaders working among indigenous people. Why is it done? Who is behind it?

ANSWER : We can’t say it is done officially. It is being done by some interested groups. And the government is silent about it, because it wants to re-main in the good books of these people. Though not done officially, it is a concerted move. Most of the officials engaged in it have groups that are directing and guiding them. They want a Hindu nation based on the premise that every Indian was born a Hindu. They are connecting India, Hindu and Indu in the fashion of Latin America, they say. Christians and Muslims are for them outsiders who should not be tolerated. Now they are making the term “Indians’ a religious thing. Hindu-ism and extremism are creeping in under the patronage of politicians who wield their power for it. It is also true that a lot of Christian leaders are cooperating with them. They are also going in the same direction without any concern for their faith. How much faith they have is a big question? Even Catholic priests and laity are interpreting this agenda differently to suit their strategy. We should be watchful about this, standing firmly for the truth.

Abp Leo Cornelio

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