Material and Spiritual Debts (No.3)

Light of truth

Sr Mareena CMC

The fourth paragraph in the first part of the ‘Testament of a Loving Father’ teaches about material and spiritual debts. Regarding the material debts St Chavara advises that “do not borrow money if it is absolutely necessary. Try to clear the debts as quickly as possible. The family without debt is the richest family.” The present generation may feel that these advices are absurd. They look for more comfort, luxurious houses, vehicles, etc. For that taking loans become a common trend. Finally, one may acquire all material comforts they crave. But, the satisfaction won’t last for long. The weight of debts will take away the peace of mind. Lack of sleep and extreme tension may lead to diseases like hyper tension, heart problems, etc. Even though there is no big house or posh car, one’s family in the richest if it is debt free. He can sleep peacefully and enjoy a healthy life without any worries.

For St Chavara, the spiritual debts also must be cleared immediately. He says: “if there are outstanding obligations of mass or debt left by parents, hasten to discharge them zealously. It is dangerous to ignore them. It brings down divine wrath on the family.” God never demands anything from us. But once we made a promise to Him, we have to fulfil it. Because God want us to be faithful to Him as He is faithful to us. When we remember and honour the holy memory and great teachings of St Chavara in his Testament, let us try to practise them in daily life to make it better and peaceful.

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