Listen to the voice of the Lord

Light of truth

“Listen to the voice of the Lord so as not to end up with a hardened heart that discredits the Lord. Many times we are deaf and do not listen to the voice of the Lord, but always listen to the news and the gossip of the neighbourhood. Instead of listening and turning to Him, they close their ears, turn their backs to Him and proceed obstinately according to their evil hearts. The Church wants each one of us to examine our conscience on our faithfulness to the Lord. It is not about attending Sunday Masses. It is about being aware of not allowing our hearts to turn hard, stubborn and deaf, shutting the Lord out and doing what we want. A person with a hardened heart does not just stop at being deaf to the Lord. Unhappy with the things of the Lord, he or she puts God aside with an excuse and discredits, slanders and defames God.”

Mass at Casa Santa Marta
in the Vatican

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