Hindu extremists will repeat in this country which is said to be democratic

Light of Truth

QUESTION: As a leader of the minority community are you afraid the incidents like what happened to two Catholic sisters and the postulants in Jhansi in U.P with the Hindu extremists will repeat in this country which is said to be democratic?

ANSWER: I am deeply touched and dismayed at the unfortunate and unprecedented happening in the train at Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh to the SH sisters. Personally, more than that they belong to my diocese, one of the junior sisters had Vestition by me. As soon as the Sisters returned from Odisha, I had rushed to the Provincial house here to meet with them and the Superiors. I condemn such incident in stronger terms and call for justice to the victims of this incident. In a secular country like ours, which extols the fundamental values like religious freedom and freedom of movement, to discriminate the citizens in the name of the dress they wear, food they eat or faith they practice is against the Constitution. The self-proclaimed vigilantes and defenders of pseudo-nationalism must be brought before law. Besides, those in authority and responsible for rule of law, must ensure the freedom and fundamental rights of all citizens irrespective of their religion.
To intimidate the Sisters and to force them to deboard the train and to drag them out amidst a furious crowd is a criminal act.

Abp Kuriakose Bharanikulangara

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