Focus (November 2019)

Light of truth

Q: Cardinal Oswald Gracias said in the Amazon Synod that women could be put in charge of a parish. He further said, Catholic bishops are not giving women much role in decision making. Your opinion on that?

A: “I would agree with the cardinal’s remarks on the role of women in the Church. It has been a repeated theme as the Church considers how to better respond to the pastoral needs of the Amazon region. We want decentralization. The role of women in decision making is now very low. We welcome and accept whatever women are capable of, administration, planning etc. They run schools, colleges, hospitals, orphanages and other social institutions. I remember, twenty years ago I said that NBCLC could have a woman director. If they can be Generals of their congregations and Provincials of their provinces, why can’t they be in leadership positions in the Church? Women were quite active in the Early Church. The Samaritan woman is a very good example. She served like a leader in the village. I feel in our dioceses they can be financial administrators, and chancellors if they are canonists. If they have sufficient skills and are competent, I think we need to take such radical steps in that direction in the Church.”

Bp Thomas Dabre

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