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Q: BJP and Hindutva forces have swept the whole of India in the just concluded election. Do you think the secular form of government is going to die in India? Will they change the constitution? Do you fear danger to the unity of the country?

A: “Hindutva has been promoting nationalism of one religion and one culture from the very beginning. If Prime Minister Modi does not undergo a change of heart, I am afraid his advisers and all the RSS fundamentalists will redefine the constitution, which is their stated policy. The vision of the nation was defined on the basis of territorial boundaries, but now they say it should be on the basis of the people. Who are the people they are speaking of? They promote only one nation and one people based on Hindutva. Amendment of the constitution will be strongly resisted by us, especially all the people of Mizoram will unite, regardless of which party they belong to. The BJP and the Congress need the support of the tribal minority for their survival. When faced with this kind of fundamental issues, we the minority Christians will surely move together to the end. India survived all these centuries because of unity in diversity, and if diversity is not tolerated, and if they impose a mono culture, mono religion, then minorities will no more have a place in the country. That goes against the spirit of India as we under-stood it, a nation that has many civilizations, cultures and more than two hundred different ethnic groups. Here one party is trying to implement a very narrow concept of nationalism. I hope they will ensure all minorities enjoy their rights.”

Bp Stephen
Rotluanga, C.S.C., Aizawl

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