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Q: The police in Madhya Pradesh have registered a case of abduction against a Catholic nun who had accompanied four tribal girls. Do you think there is a calculated persecution? When Amit Shah came to Kerala he met all the different heads and representa-tives of various Churches and spoke in very favourable terms; is this not double speak by the BJP?

A: “Persecution is already happening. The RSS and the Bajrang Dal have in a combi-ned way planned to keep on harassing and obstructing our work and malign us. They have a cadre of people who are appointed for this only. They are rewarded for it. Their job is only to find out where such situations appear. When something happens, they will make a big noise. When they are proved wrong, they disappear from the scene, but the damage is done in the meanwhile. We have to keep on fighting. The police may file an FIR, which is done with the knowledge of the RSS. Politicians are also in the know of it, and when we ask for their help, they readily offer it, because they want to be with both them and us. They claim to be our leaders, but they close their eyes to what is being done to us, because it is their agenda to see to that minorities don’t make much progress. There are also some protestant groups who do vigorous proselytizing and so invite trouble. What happened in this case was that someone told them that a nun was travelling with four Adivasi girls and they tried to catch them think-ing the girls were minors. The Aadhaar cards of the girls proved that they were not minors; only one was a doubtful case due to some error in the Aadhaar Card. Actually, she is twenty years old. But they try to portray that they are minors and were taken for conversion. The nun was taking these poor girls from villages to give them training in some jobs like tailoring, stitching, home nursing etc. What the BJP does is shear politics. They tell lies and repeat them till they become truth. This is called post-truth. They say it is justified in politics. They want to create tension and rift in society.”

Abp Leo Cornelio

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