Light of truth

Q::::: What is the fate of your anti-liquor policy now?

A:::::We are holding on to our policy and fighting, but it is not an easy task now, because the government is so adamant and they have 92 members in Assembly. Even though we met the Chief Minister and other ministers several times, we only have got broken promises. Although they promised in their election manifesto that they were not for prohibition but for abstinence, they have abandoned the U.D.F policy of phased prohibition. On the pretext of educating and conscientising people on the hazards of heavy drinking, they have practically abandoned all positive action against addiction. They are continuing to open new liquor shops in contravention of their stated policy. They open super markets where liquor is easily available to everyone. Still, we are going ahead with our fight. We have devised a few plans for it.

Bp Remigiose Inchananiyil

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