Light of truth

Q: How should Catholics and the general public receive the kind of scandals erupting in the community and in the society?

A: Scandal is only scandal, and it should be avoided; that’s all I can say. I cannot justify or question it. Its veracity needs to be verified, and once it has been found to be factual, we have to deal with it. It is good news as long as it is helpful to you. Yes, the adultery and murder committed by David and Judas hanging himself are all recorded in the Bible. If you see it as harmful to you, then it is not good news for you. It all depends on the way you look at them. From them, we can learn of God’s ways as well. Learning from the past can help us in the present and for the future. See, it is very clearly said in the scripture that it is all for your eternal salvation. As long as human beings are there, there will invariably be problems and failures. They should serve as lessons not only for Christians but also for all.

Bp Joshua Mar Ignathios

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