Light of truth

Q: Why do you think the North-Eastern States voted the BJP to power? Has aggressive propaganda helped the BJP in a big way? Do you think that BJP will enforce their mono-cultural ideology on the North-east? Are you hopeful about them?

A: I think money played a critical role in the BJP’s victory. The BJP has, apart from other factors, utilized massive deployment of money and other resources to influence the voters. They no doubt succeeded in their strategy of aggressive propaganda. When it comes to very poor people, money ma-tters. The central leaders of the BJP visited the area repeatedly and put in a big effort. It seems that a monotheistic culture will be adroitly imposed on the North-East by Hindu fundamentalists. The slogan ‘of one culture, of one religion’ will not find easy acceptance here. The common people will never allow that sort of an undemocratic system. They cannot ignore the common people. If they insist too much on religion, the government will lose its popularity among Christians. Therefore, we can expect the BJP to take a lenient attitude towards religion. Other wise, they will meet with very strong opposition, which will lead to their downfall. But if they tread the path of economic development, that will help them win more followers.

Bp Stephen
Rotluanga, CSC

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