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Q: What is the significance of the beatification of Sr Rani Maria a the Indian people? Don’t you think a dehumanizing feudalistic culture is still prevalent in many parts of India?
A: My feeling is that the message of the beatification is actually the call of God, invitation by God to serve the poor people. The significance of service has no barriers. She came from Kerala to the North and dedicated herself totally to the service of the people, the poorest of the poor, the rural abandoned people. Sr Rani Maria gave everything and finally she gave her life. Her presence made the murderers feel insecure, because the presence of God is so powerful. God uses every person whom He calls as His instrument to fulfil the mission that Christ carried out and the mission that continues. Now it is our turn to fulfil that mission no matter the hardships, challenges and difficulties we may have to encounter. In the North, even if we face lots of opposition, we should not be discouraged and give up hope, because God uses us in His own way. We should be ready to give up even our life. In the midst of sufferings, we could hear words of admiration even from those who oppose us. The man who killed her was used by some others, and he realized his blunder and repented. The selfishness of man doesn’t allow him to give up feudalistic culture. In history, oppress-ion and suppression of people have been a part and parcel human nature, and it is going on in India too. Education is definitely needed to eradicate feudal stranglehold. The dehumanizing culture doesn’t allow the poor to be educated, and that was why even in rural areas she was opposed. Our duty and mission to serve the poorest of the poor is still significant and demanding.

Abp Leo Cornelio

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