Children – God’s Investment in the Hands of Parents!

Light of truth

Benny Mukalel CMI

The epoch making statement St Chavara reads: “Children, you are God’s investment in the hands of your parents.” This tells us that every child is held in God’s infinite tenderness, and God is present in each child. Every child has inestimable value.

God has a heart for children, and his heart grieves for children killed by abortion, tortured at construction sites and suffering greatly due to malnutrition and utter penury. St Chavara, it seems, had a vision that there will come a time when children are neglected, killed and taken for granted. So he exhorts the children you are precious, investment of God. Children you are counted on by God and you are wanted.

When St Chavara said that children are God’s investment, he meant that children are the medium through which God’s love is more explicitly expressed and understood. Even Jesus has clearly stated that “whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me” (Mt 18:5). This investment is to love and be loved.

This saying of St Chavara pokes our intelligence to research; to find out how God sees children and it admonishes us to follow that pattern while dealing with children. Our children are gifts from God. So we should treasure them and not take them for granted. We read in Psalm 127:3 “Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him.” Children come directly from God and He has made an investment in the hands of man.

This investment enables us to be remembered even after we have kissed the grave. We all want to be remembered long after we are gone and if you are a parent, you will be remembered lovingly by the children you leave behind. This investment is to increase your joy. There is no joy that can substitute the joy that you derive seeing your children growing up. Of course, raising children can be tiresome and difficult. The greater their promise, the more challenging will be the task of taking care of this investment.

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