Christians in Lebanese border town say they’re having spiritual revival

Light of Truth

Young adults and families say they are experiencing a spiritual revival in this town near the Syrian border even as Lebanon is pummeled by multiple crises: an economic meltdown, mass unemployment, a fresh wave of coronavirus infections, and shortages of fuel and electricity — all made worse by the ongoing political paralysis and an unresolved probe into the devastating Beirut blast.
“Every week we intercede for Lebanon. We know that God is going to speak life over this country, because many times Jesus showed us that this is in his hands,” a 31-year-old Lebanese Catholic named Nesrine told the Catholic News Service one balmy summer night.
“We feel that God is allowing what is happening in Lebanon. His heart is for salvation. Yes, many are now poor, others are battling coronavirus, but we see many Lebanese seeking the Lord, because he is the very last shelter they have,” said the petite, raven-haired woman who was a civil servant and owned her own successful media business before entering lay ministry.
Both Nesrine and her husband, Elie, once an atheist, have experienced dramatic spiritual conversions. And so, apparently, have many others among the 200-plus attendees at the prayer meeting at The Land.

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