Catholic nuns’ walking Gospel campaign brings social changes

Light of truth

Meeting with two Catholic nuns who were on a journey to spread the Gospel proved a turning point in the life of Mohan Kumar, a Hindu man in Kerala, southern India.

Sisters Little Therese and Treasa Margret of the Congregation of the Mother of Carmel had gone to the 45-year-old alcoholic’s house as part of their Gospel Journey Campaign for spreading Jesus’ message and values to people of different faiths.

A week later, the nuns received a call from Kumar’s wife that her husband had stopped drinking, and was acting more loving and kind to the family.

“We thanked God for the miraculous change in Kumar’s life, and told the wife that we will continue to pray for her family,” Little Therese, 52, told GSR.

The Carmelite sisters have been on this journey of what they say is “radiating Gospel values on foot as Jesus did” for the last 22 months. They walk with few possessions, expecting to live among people struggling with worldly and spiritual needs, in the pattern of Christ and His disciples.

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