Anti-Muslim monk faces sedition charge in Myanmar

Light of truth

Ultra-nationalist monk U Wirathu has been accused of sedition for speeches attacking Myanmar’s State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi, with a local court reportedly already having issued a warrant for his arrest.

U Wirathu has also railed against religious minorities and especially Muslims, deepening the social divide in the Buddhist-majority Southeast Asian nation where Rohingya Muslims have been persecuted by mobs and the military.

Ashin Ariya Wun Tha Bhiwun Sa, a Buddhist monk from Mandalay, said he should have been put behind bars years ago, calling his criticism of both Muslims and Suu Kyi “unacceptable.”

“Due to his notorious hate speech, Buddhism in Myanmar has been tarnished,” said Ashin Bhiwan Sa, who regularly joins interfaith activities in a bid to help reconcile the nation’s fragile society.

“He undermines all the good work monks have done both here and in the international community.”

A government official filed the suit against U Wirathu at the Yangon Western district court on May 28, according to police spokesman Myo Thu Soe.

This came just days after Myanmar’s religious and cultural affairs said officials were gathering evidence against the controversial monk.


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