Anti-Christian violence continues in Nigeria

Light of truth

A pregnant woman and a child were among four people killed in attacks by suspected Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria’s Plateau State on mid July.

The attackers targeted the villages of Ancha and Tafigana in the Bassa Local Government area, as reported by news site Nasoweseeamonline.
Margaret Wakili, 27, from Ancha village and who was 6 months pregnant, was killed at the farm where she was visiting her husband. They both fled but the attackers caught his wife. As they killed her he heard them shout “‘Allahu Akbar, we have killed infidel, we need to kill more,” he said. He identified the 8 attackers as Fulani from Hayin Rukuba. An older woman in the village also was killed.

In Tafigana, 46-year-old Thomas Wollo, and his 7-year-old son Nggwe Thomas were beheaded when they returned home from choir practice on July 14 night.

Following the killings, the attackers went on to a nearby village where they destroyed crops to the value of millions of naira, according to Zongo Law-rence, Publicity Secretary of Miango Youth Development Association.

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