“Angel” who rushed in where neighbours feared to tread

Light of Truth

As Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc all over the world bringing nations to its knees; we hear stories human resilience of against odds.

Stories narrate how healthcare workers sacrifice lives to save others, individuals cook food to feed hungry elderly in the neighborhood forced to remain indoors. Some make masks to distribute free. We read about policemen delivering birthday cakes to scared children, and essential drugs and commodities to the sick forced to remain indoors during the lockdown.

But there are ordinary humans who take the shape of angels at times.

One such person is Jinil Mathew, who hit headlines by saving a snake-bit toddler with his courage and presence of mind.

The media reported about a family in Kasargod district of Kerala who had arrived from Patna on June 21 and were in quarantine since then at Vattakayam village. Their 1.5 years old girl was bitten by a viper on July 21 night when the toddler stuck her hand out of the bedside window. Her father Jeevan discovered the potentially lethal incident.

The scared parents rushed out of their home shouting for help in the wee hours. Their alerted neighbors only dared to crowd outside their home. Jinil Mathew, a headload worker, rushed in ‘like an angel,’ the child’s father narrated later. ‘I’ll always call him an angel because he saved my daughter.’

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