German bishops publish ‘10 theses on climate protection’

Light of truth

The German Bishops’ Conference on April 3, 2019 has published a contribution to climate policy discussion as a central social challenge in the field of the creation of creation. The expert text “Ten theses on climate protection. A discussion contribution “is based on socio-ethical, economic, natural and juris prudential considerations and contains solutions.

Based on Pope Francis ‘Encyclical Laudatosi,’ the text clarifies the need for climate protection from a socio-ethical perspective. The task of counteracting dangerous climate change is described as a requirement of justice. The text is committed to the goal of achieving greenhouse gas neutrality as early as possible, but by 2050 at the latest. Specific implementation steps will be identified, including taking a pioneering role in Europe and the world, the phasing out of fossil fuels Frame-work for the transformation of the energy system, the involvement of consumers and producers and the promotion of sustainable lifestyles. Reflections on the model function of the church complete the text.

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