3 German Catholic dioceses to join Lutherans in Lenten fast for climate protection, climate justice 

Light of truth

The campaign “Climate Crisis” starts on Ash Wednesday (6th March) for the sixth time. At the initiative called by the Institute for Church and Society of the Evangelical Church of Westphalia (EKvW) under the motto “So much you need …” (Exodus 16), this year a total of eleven Protestant regional churches and three Catholic bishoprics are invited putting climate protection at the centre of our own Lent.

Everyone can take part in thinking about their own actions in everyday life, trying out new things and making changes together. “Limiting to Enough is Urgently Required,” Dr Irmgard Schwaetzer, President of the Synod of the Evangelical Church in Germany, and the Vice-President of the Central Committee of German Catholics, Dr. med. Karin Kortmann, in their joint greeting of the accompanying fasting booklet agree. In view of the “multiple transgressions of ecological boundaries and consequences,” they call for “a mindful and frugal way of life.” With the climate key, you can try out different steps for climate-friendly alternatives in your own everyday life. It is about practicing an ethics of enough, “Volker Rotthauwe, environmental pastor of EKvW and one of the” climate field “initiators, describes the goal of the action.

In a fast-paced booklet, the initiators provide suggestions and ideas for focus topics in the seven days of fasting: After a personal pause and the conscious perception of the self and the fellow creatures at the beginning of Lent, the following weeks are dedicated to concrete actions on the subject of “energy budget” – “mindful cooking and eat “-” fair consumption “-” be different on the way “and – new this year – the” plastic-free life.

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