Light of truth

Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed said: “The Pope’s visit was a call for peace. Throughout history we see, people who make war are two types of people, politicians and religious leaders. That is why wanted to take a step towards achieving peace. Summit gathers 4,000 high-profile officials from 140 countries, heads of state “We must be responsible to put an end to our conflicts and try hard to put an end to the wars. “We may not succeed but we will most definitely try.

“Religions did not come to push people to violence. But we know it has been distorted throughout history to justify war and violence.”

He added: “The declaration that was signed during the papal visit was a call for peace.

“The UAE has decided to extend the declaration and initiate a Zayed fund for cohabitation. A fund will be dedicated to organisations making an effort to create peace and harmony among various communities. In order to promote the values of tolerance and fraternity all over the world. “We are happy that this document will be a part of our UAE school curriculum starting next year.

“We in the UAE were very proud to see 180,000 of our Catholic brothers gather for this event.

“This meeting was a message by the UAE The UAE are not only responsible to provide you with a good life but also respect your religion because it is our national duty and your right.”

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