Light of truth

There is hope and concern, sad- ness and uneasiness among Chinese Catholics at the news of the provi- sional agreement on the appoint- ment of bishops signed between China and the Holy See. There are criticisms of illicit bishops who have been excommunicated because they “have lovers and children” and are “loyal collaborators of the regime against the Lord,” together with requests to be able to see and know of the text of the agreement.

Another, who should be replaced – or share the responsibility of the diocese – with one of the former excommunicated bishops – says he knows nothing of his future destiny. Some say that the interim agreement will bring even more confusion to the Church and China. The names of the people have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

We know nothing about the agreement, and therefore we cannot say anything. I see the positive comments of Card. Parolin, and the negative ones of Card.

Zen. There is no trust in the Party, and we are worried about the Vatican’s scant knowledge regarding the Chinese Communist Party. The United States has understood it after 40 years of commercial experience.

Many faithful are disappointed, but as a pastor I must encourage the people of God to maintain authentic Catholic faith and communion with the Holy Father. There is nothing but to wait and face what will happen as a consequence of this agreement. More- over, I do not know if tomorrow the Holy See will ask for my resignation. I very much agree with the article by Fr Sergio Ticozzi. Thank you for your prophetic work.

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