Light of truth

The Law Commission has suggested certain changes in marriage and
divorce laws that should be uniformly
accepted in the personal laws of all
religions, while holding that the
uniform civil code “is neither necessary
nor desirable at this stage” in the
country. The Commission, headed by
former Supreme Court judge Justice B.S. Chauhan whose tenure ended on August 31, has come out with a 185-page consultation paper on “Family Law Reforms’ said a unified nation does not necessarily need to have “uniformity.”

It said the best way forward was to preserve diversity of personal laws even while ensuring they did not contradict fundamental rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

Saying, secularism cannot contradict the plurality prevalent in the country, the Commission said in the paper that: “Cultural diversity cannot be compromised to the extent that our urge for uniformity itself becomes a reason for threat to the territorial integrity of the nation.”

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