World Meeting of Families: for Indian couple, “true joy” is putting ‘trust in God’

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“True joy, much akin to a child-like feeling of bliss can only be experienced when we put our faith and trust in God,” said Brian Lobo, a Catholic top manager in Mumbai. AsiaNews spoke to him and his wife Ninette about the World Meeting of Families that opens today in Dublin, Ireland. The couple talked about their experience as Catholic parents and discussed the challenges that families currently face, not only in India but also around the world.

“Our faith has proven pivotal for us as a family and allowed us to accept the cross regardless of its weight and the burden it carries, to take joy not just in the circumstance but take refuge in His plan and design of the cross we carry,” Brian said.

He is the executive vice president and head of Corporate Affairs with one of India’s largest financial services firms with more than 10,000 employees. He is also involved in the pro-life movement in the Archdiocese of Mumbai and has built a tomb dedicated to unborn children.

Ninette has a degree in microbiology but gave up her career to dedicate herself to the family. She heads the Archdiocesan Commission for Human Life (DHLC) and last year represented India at a Bioethics Conference in Thailand. The couple have three children: a boy, Alston (the eldest), and twin daughters Desiree and Danielle. All three live and work abroad.

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