Pope Francis: clergy in the Middle East should not be living in luxury

Light of truth

The Catholic Church must bear in mind its sins in the Middle East, Pope Francis has said. Although the sin of war committed by nations has caused great suffering to Christians in the Middle East, the Pope said, “there is also our sin in the Middle East: the sin of incoherence between life and faith.”

“There are perhaps – not many – some priest[s], bishop[s], religious congregation who professes poverty yet lives like a rich person,” the Pope said in off-the-cuff remarks during a meeting with a coalition of funding agencies coordinated by the Congregation for Eastern Churches.

“I would like these religious men and women, Christians, some bishops or some religious congregation to strip themselves more [of riches] for their brothers and their sisters,” he said.

The Pope spoke on June 22 during a meeting with members of a Vatican coordinating body, known by its Italian acronym ROACO, which operates under the auspices of the Congregation for Eastern Churches, and unites funding agencies to provide assistance to the faithful in the region. Funding agencies include the US-based Catholic Near East Welfare Association.

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