Light of truth

In light of the recent land transaction scandal of Ernakulam-Angamaly archdiocese in which Cardinal George Alencherry was implicated for causing serious financial losses to the diocese, he has delegated more powers to his auxiliary bishops.

Cardinal Alencherry made the announcement in a joint circular with auxiliary bishops Sebastian Adayanthrath and Jose Puthenveettil. The circular was read at all churches under the archdiocese on Sunday, February 11.

In the circular, the bishops acknowledge the distress caused to the members of the Diocese as a result of the recent land deal scandal. They added that the hectic responsibilities of the Cardinal have contributed to him not getting enough time to address the issues in his role as the bishop of the diocese.

Hence he has delegated the administration of the diocese to the current protosyncellus and auxiliary bishop Sebastian Adayanthrath. He would be supported in this role by present syncellus and auxilliary bishop Jose Puthenveettil.

They will also be responsible for convening and presiding over the canonical committees of the diocese. They are expected to submit regular reports to Cardinal Alencherry, but any major decisions will still need to be taken in discussion with him.

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