Kerala: ‘Wedding bells’ church funds homes for poor

Light of truth

The Holy Family Latin Catholic Church at Karichal does not exist for Christians alone. It is a beacon of hope for Hindus and Muslims also as it fulfils the dreams of many poor families by arranging the marriages of their children.

It provides them financial aid and also arranges mandapam and pandal on its premises. The church in Veeyapuram panchayat in upper Kuttanad that lies sprawled on the banks of three rivers – Achankovil, Pampa and Paipad—has conducted the marriages of 200 Hindu and Muslim couples from 2009 to 2014.

It started its social mission with the fund from the Rachael George Charitable Trust instituted by her sons, M.G. Philip and M.G. Stephen and daughter-in-law Molamma Philip for charitable causes in 2009. So far, five annual mass weddings have been held on the occasion of the church festival in January. The marriages of three communities are held at the same time.

Hindus marry in the mandapam erected on one side of the premises, Christians within the church and Muslims in the pandal on the other side.

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