Christmas celebrations disrupted In Rajasthan

Light of truth

Christmas celebrations at a community centre in Rajasthan’s Pratapgarh district were disrupted December 20 night by a local right-wing group who accused the organizers of trying to convert their guests to Christianity.

According to “Masih Shakti Samiti,” (Jesus power committee), the organizers of the event, some people barged into the community centre at around 8.30 pm and created a ruckus, pulling down the modest decorations that they had put up and throwing around other literature and books.

The incident comes days after fringe groups in some towns of Uttar Pradesh threatened to disrupt Christmas and New Year celebrations in private schools. One such group had called such activities “a step toward forced conversions” of Hindu students, prompting the state police to alert district police chiefs across the state to ensure there were no disruptions. The community centre, a government building, is right in front of the Collector and the Superintendent of Police’s office. The organizers say they got access to the community center because they had applied for permission from the district authorities.

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