How Holy Communion Saves Catholic Priest From Kidnappers

Light of truth

God is still in the business of deliver-ing His servants, no matter what cynics say. This was amply demonstrated in Ebonyi State when kidnappers who abducted a Catholic priest dozed off after drinking the holy communion wine found in the parish.

After observing that they were asleep, Reverend Father Timothy Nwanja who was kidnapped on October 15th sunday night in his residence at St Mary’s Parish in Okpokueze Nkomoro commu-nity, Imoha Development Centre of Ezza North Local Government Area, and taken to an uncomplet-ed building in the area, jumped out of the window and escaped.

The Ebonyi Police Command Public Relations Officer (PPRO), ASP Loveth Odah confirmed that the Catholic priest and his cook were rescued.

“The priest was having dinner when the kidnappers sneaked into his room not knowing that his cook had gone upstairs to get water from the refrigerator.

“They abducted her; and on hearing her scream, the priest ran upstairs to know what was going on and they also abducted him. “They took him away in his own vehicle, blindfolded and blocked his ears so that he won’t be able to listen to their conver-sation,” the police spokesperson said. Odah said that the kidna-ppers later separated the priest and cook, fortunately the former jumped out through the window of the uncompleted building where he was taken to.

“The kidnappers had taken Holy Communion wine while in the priest’s house and subse-quently dozed off which enabled the priest to escape.

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