Germany: 162,000 Catholics left Church, 537 parishes closed in 2016

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162,093 Catholics left the Church in Germany during 2016—down from 181,925 in 2015, according to statistics released by the bishops’ conference on July 21. 28.5% of Germans are Catholic and the Catholic population stands at 23,582,000, down from 27,533,000 in 1996.

537 parishes closed in 2016. Over the past two decades, over 3,000 parishes have closed, with the number declining from 13,329 to 10,280.

There are now 13,856 priests in Germany, down from 14,087 the previous year. The Sunday Mass attendance rate was 10.2% in 2016, down from 10.4% in 2015.

Some other statistics:
The number of baptisms declined from 259,313 in 1996 to 171,531 in 2016. However, the number of baptisms has risen for two consecutive years.

The number of adult converts fell from 3,860 in 1996 to 2,574 in 2016, and the number of adults who returned to the Church fell from 6,981 to 6,461.

First Communions declined by over 100,000, from 291,317 in 1996 to 176,297 in 2016.

Catholic weddings fell from 79,453 to 43,610. The number of Catholic funerals declined from 286,772 to 243,323.


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  1. George Thomas says:

    The marginal redution of the catholic leaving the catholicchurch is only due to the present Pope. It is good that atleast he could contrl the flow. Destiny of people leaving Kerala Catholic Church is also not far, if the Kerala Church do not change their attitude. In fact the church is ruling each Parish by the Vicar with a law making, law implimenting and law justifying power. They rule the church as a supreme power and the parish council is only for to help the vicar. The parishners, by their swet the church property has made are having no say in their parish regarding the financial matters. The church property automatically go to the Bishop. This is absolutely wrong and against the teachings of the Apostles and also against the Marthomayude Niyamam of the Syro-Malabar Catholics. More over the church authorities are not taking any action against the so called prists like, Fr. Kottur, Fr.Puthrukka, Sr. Sephy, Fr.Robin Vadakkumcherry and many priests who were arrested and sent to jail for sexual harasments. Instead the church is waiting for the aqaital of such people by the court to make them saints as in the case of Fr. Benedict. They will forge a siutable story at a suitable time to canonise them. They want local saints to start feast, Novenas, Churches, pilgrim centers and relic processions to enmass more money. The present system in the church is anti-Christ and against the teachings of Christ and also against the bible. They harass those who criticise them and brand them they are under the influence of Saitan and also try to single out them from the comminity with the help of their proxies/ chamchas. this will naturally drive away the real believers from the church as happened in Europe and America. Still from Europe and America priests using children for their sexual satisfactions are comi9ng out. The church will be again forced to sell the closed church to pay compensations to the children. Befgore going out of hand, the Kerala Church should realise and come out from the Kingly hirarchial system of the church presently. The churh sould move towards Christ Centered, Christ Oriented and abiding by the Word of God. The Church should also come out from their grand construction activities by sqeezing the faithful and also from the kingly living style and robes of the of the bishops/priests.

    1. thomas paul says:

      I don’t wish to say anything about the matters which are still in the court. But on your mention of Fr. Benedict, I have strong reservations. As a person who has direct personal connection with late Fr. Benedict, your observations are 100% wrong. I was a witness to the arrest, release etc of Fr.Benedict. The revelations made by the relatives of the “killers” of Mariakutty itself is a testimony to his innocence. Fr. Benedict suffered a lot on account of the false allegations. It is high time that you remove certain prejudices against some saintly catholic priests. Let God Almighty have mercy on all who raise false allegations against saintly priests.

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