Best time to build Christian-Muslim relations: expert

Light of truth

An expert on Islam told an inter-religious gathering here that “this is the best time” for Christians and Muslims to build relation as Pope Francis has been leading the Church for inter-faith actions from front.

Capuchin Father Michael D. Calabria, director of the centre for Arab and Islamic studies in St Bonaventure University based in New York, was addressing a July 17 seminar at India Islamic Cultural Centre in New Delhi.

Some 100 selected leaders from Christian, Muslim and Hindu religions attended the program organized by Interfaith Coalition for Peace, which also includes Catholic organizations and leaders.
Father Calabria told the gathering that he sees this as “best time” not only for “Christians and Muslims to come together” and but also for “inter-faith dialogues” because Pope Francis as leader of the Catholic Church encourages such action as no other Pope did in history.

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